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TangoVirri Dance School

Tango House Studio Tanga

Tango House Dance School

Tango House Bed & Breakfast

Tango House

Serkan Gokcesu and Cecilia Garcia

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  1. Thursday Milonga: 15zł
  2. Friday Milonga: 30zł
  3. Saturday Milonga: 50zł
  4. Sunday Milonga: 15zł

Reservation procedure
  1. Information on selected workshops please send (we'll confirm availability)

  2. Having received a confirmation, please make a payment within 7 days, either:

    1. By cash in TangoVirri, ul. Rajska 20/12 or
    2. By money transfer (in PLN) to the following bank account:
      Michał Gabryś
      mBank 91 1140 2004 0000 3102 4986 5244
      Ul. Dietla 67 m.8
      31-054 KRAKÓW
      IBAN :PL91 1140 2004 0000 3102 4986 5244

  3. Not receiving a payment within 7 days since confirmation will automatically cancel the reservation.

  4. You are eligible to modify your reservation once or you may also give your workshop ticket to some other person. Not used tickets will not be refunded.